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Glokknine – Talm Bout (Music Video)

Glokknine's been making a lot of noise out of Orlando but that's also come hand in hand with comparisons to fellow Florida rapper Kodak...

Glokknine – Rickie Fowler (Music Video)

RICKIE FOWLER WITH THAT STICK A HOLE IN ONE. Glokknine's keeping the heat flowing as he continues to rise in the absence of Kodak Black....

Glokknine – Fish Hook (Music Video)

Floridian Glokknine's caught some buzz this year and ever since he's been unloading song after song. His latest is this witty new tune "Fish...

Glokknine – Great Vine (Music Video)

Florida's got another crop of incredible new artists on the rise and Glokknine's one that seems destined for something big. He's often being compared...
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