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Irahnik – Cloudburst (Album)

Jersey emcee Irahnik made his debut over on this side via Soundcloud Diggin and he's been hard at work, grinding ever since.He also just...

Irahnik – Solo (prod. Luminate)

Our Soundcloud Diggin alum Irahnik is staying busy and today he blesses us with some new sounds.

Irahnik – thx f. Deverano (prod. Medasin)

Alum of Soundcloud Diggin. Irahnik released this new visual with production from a favorite of ours, Medasin. Check out the nicely shot video above...

Soundcloud Diggin’: Episode 2 10/11/15

Welcome to week number 2 of Soundcloud Diggin', our new weekly series where we dig out a few sprouting newcomers that need some shine...
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