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ladonnis touch

LaDonnis – Touch

LaDonnis released three singles over the past year to spark his comeback run. Today, he's back with another fresh release 'Touch' featuring contributions from...
ladonnis hallelujah music video

LaDonnis – Hallelujah (Music Video)

LaDonnis is preparing to release his new album this year and he's back with his latest single 'Hallelujah.' The video is quite demonic and...
ladonnis brown skin video

LADONNIS – Brown Skin (Video)

I have said it before and I will say it again: having LADONNIS back in the game is great. With his comeback album A...
LaDonnis Liar

LaDonnis – Liar

LaDonnis is back with the second track in his comeback - 'Liar.' Produced by Stefan Ponce, Two Fresh, & Alex Goose - this track...
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