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30 artists to watch in 2016video

30 Artists to Watch in 2016

2015 was one of the better years for music in recent history, and it is leading up to a hyped up 2016. In 2015,...

Songs I Downloaded From The Library: Volume 1

Welcome to my new series, 'Songs I Downloaded From The Library'.

malbin’s Top 30 Albums & Mixtapes of 2014

Check out the top 30 albums and mixtapes of 2014.

malbin’s Top 10 EP’s of 2014

Check out malbin's top ten EP's of 2014.

Southern Records With Potential To Go National

The South is the center of the urban music world in 2014. I don't think anybody would deny that. The number of hot records...

Songs You Probably Slept On in 2013 (Part 1)

This series had a decent amount of success when I did the 2012 editions (Part 1 | Part 2), and after a reminder from...

Songs That Should Be On Your Workout Playlist [Vol. 4]

Artwork by @GrvyScvleDesign A little over two months after Volume 3 dropped, I am back with the fourth installment of our Songs That Should Be...

Chicago Dual Threat Artists You’ll Know Soon

With arguably the best dual threat artist in music in Kanye West being from Chicago I thought it was time to throw together a...
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