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Loser – Fruit Leather (Ft. Reign)

It is no surprise that we've been huge fans of what Loser's been doing so far this year. Through his 16 official singles this...

Loser – idkay + MDNA (Ft. Sypski) + Maybe

Loser's keeping his frantic release pattern up with a pair of new singles. He is already at 14 officially released singles along with an...

Loser – Treasure Hunter

Loser has been all over the place this year in the best way possible. He's already released ten official singles and they've sonically been...
loser teeth

Loser – teeth

Loser's 'anti' has stayed in rotation since it dropped for me and is quickly becoming one of my most played song of the past...
loser anti

Loser – anti

Loser's not a new name to the scene, as he's racked up millions of cross platform streams since debuting in 2018. He seems to...
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