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Mike G – Soulja (Video)

Mike G's rise to notoriety came as a member of Odd Future and while he was usually behind the shadow of names like Tyler,...

Mike G – Written f. Archibald Slim

Mike G has always been more of a forgotten Odd Future member who'd lurk but he was always one of the best when it...

Mike G – FUK IT (Ft. Earl Sweatshirt)

Mike G just liberated a previously unreleased track from 2009 today titled 'FUK IT'. The song features himself and Earl Sweatshirt going back and...

Mike G – Highlights

Produced by Ace The Creator (Tyler, The Creator).

Mike G – B.M.B f. Pouya & Denzel Curry

Keep in mind, I haven't really followed Odd Future like that in years but I haven't heard this cat's name in like 3 years....

Mike G – Nesta

Odd Future's Mike G continues to drop new songs that feature spacey production and monotone, laid back flows from Mike G. Here is 'Nesta',...

Mike G – DAM (Ft. Left Brain) (Video)

http://youtu.be/gNPUuJbv-a4 Odd Future's Mike G drops off the video for his track 'DAM' that features Left Brain on the hook. Nice grill, Left. This is...

Mike G – DAM! (Ft. Left Brain)

Odd Future's Mike G slips up this new record titled DAM! featuring his OFWGKTA brethren Left Brain.
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