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milo tain zombies

Milo Tain – Zombies

It's been a minute since we've heard from Milo Tain but that changed this week. The talented artist released a new song 'Zombies' on...
milo tain sweet love

Milo Tain – Sweet Love

Milo Tain continues to craft soul records that have a nostalgic sound mixed with modern elements. Today, he’s back with ‘Sweet Love’ - an...
milo tain dear mr man

Milo Tain – Dear Mr. Man

We may have lost Prince earlier this year but that doesn't mean any well done tributes will be turned down. Talented singer, songwriter and...
milo tain

Milo Tain – Wanna Luv

We've posted London-based artist Milo Tain's work in the past and today he's back with a new joint 'Wanna Luv.' The ridiculously smooth track...
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