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niykee heaton starting over

Niykee Heaton – Starting Over (EP Stream)

Niykee Heaton's new EP Starting Over is now available for download and streaming across all platforms. Starting Over is Heaton's first release since 2016,...
niykee heaton bad intentions video

Niykee Heaton – Bad Intentions (Ft. Migos) (Video)

Niykee Heaton's 'Bad Intentions' caught a second life with the remix featuring Migos and with the song currently within the top 30 on rhythmic...

Niykee Heaton – Bad Intentions Remix (Ft. Migos)

Niykee Heaton just released a new EP titled The Bedroom Tour Playlist, and on the EP is remix of her most popular track 'Bad...

Niykee Heaton – Best Thing Ever

You probably think I'm just posting this because I went on Niykee Heaton's Instagram and saw she dropped a new song, but that's wrong....

Niykee Heaton – Cold War

I recently read someone would drink Niykee's bath water. Brehs..

Niykee Heaton – Rain Dog

Everybody's favorite thirst trap is back with a new song.

Niykee Heaton – Bad Intentions (EP Stream)

At midnight, Niykee Heaton will be releasing her first body of music with her Bad Intentions EP. Today, Complex offers up a full stream...

Niykee Heaton – Kill ‘Em All

http://youtu.be/4yFld62d-T4 Niykee Heaton, everybody's favorite thirst trap, released a new song last night titled 'Kill 'Em All'. I'm not sure if this will live on...
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