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serena isioma valentina

Serena Isioma – Valentina

Serena Isioma's got another gem on her hands with 'Valentina'. Again produced by C. Medina, 'Valentina' is a beautifully dreamy bedroom soul ballad about...
serena isioma do i make you nervous

Serena Isioma – Do I Make You Nervous

Chicago's Serena Isioma is here with her fifth single of the year. The 19 year old dropped 'Do I Make You Nervous' and this...
serena isioma shake

Serena Isioma – Shake

Chicago's Serena Isioma is back with another nice new single. Serena is four songs deep so far this year and truthfully 'Shake' might be...
serena isioma mystery boy

Serena Isioma – Mystery Boy

Back in March, we were really excited to discover Serena Isioma and her incredible single 'Breathe'. She's back with another impressive release in 'Mystery...
serena isioma

Serena Isioma – Breathe

Welcome Serena Isioma to the Fashionably Early pages. The 18 year old appears to be a Chicago native now based in Los Angeles and...
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