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Brown Bag Allstars – Bleuvelour f. Akie Bermiss (prod. Pat Streater)

The Brown Bag Allstars release Brown Label Pt. 1 & 2 on iTunes today which combines their previous two EPs into one. There's also...

Soul Khan – Supreme Righteous (prod. Walker Swain)

2014 has a lot in store for us involving Soul Khan and this new joint will kick that off.

Soul Khan – Praying For A River (prod. J57)

2013 has been a very quiet year for Soul Khan. I believe this is the first new song of the year from him. That's...

DJ Wayne Ski – Be Like That f. Brown Bag Allstars

DJ Wayne Ski hooked us up with a dope new track featuring the Brown Bag Allstars.

Blame One & J57 – Walk In The Sun f. Soul Khan

The stage has been set and a week from now, Blame One & J57 will be releasing their collaborative album Walk In The Sun....

Soul Khan – Morning Alone f. Nicholas Ryan Gant [Video]

Please tell me when Soul Khan makes a record without a great story or message. If that ever happens I will be blown the...

Soul Khan – Rusted Ghosts f. Arthur Lewis [Video]

Pretty cool that Soul Khan is rocking a shirt that I have in a new video for a song that I've played so many...

Undefined – Broken 40 Bottles f. Brown Bag Allstars

This is a nice introduction to the producer 'Undefinied'. Nice beat here for the four members of the Brown Bag Allstars to rip.
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