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This right here, this thing going on with these words is what one would call a "placeholder"
Eliott Akowicz
your local frenchie

thebandfriday – Remedy

It’s an extraordinarily rare and special thing to realize your dreams alongside your childhood best friend. We all had one friend that we’d stay...

Sydney Ross Mitchell – Next Time

If Olivia Rodrigo's strong, narrative tone, and Zach Bryan's tasteful, Americana production were to blend, the result would be none other than Sydney Ross...

Borbón Pink – On Time

Borbón Pink is tired of always needing to be "On Time". He is constantly running to cross the finish line even though tells himself...

Isaiah Falls – FLORIDA BABY

With the recent surge of hanging-mic, R&B videos taking the music world by storm, Isaiah Falls is capitalizing on the trend with his soul-filled...


The music game is a marathon, not a sprint. So often, artists with promise or buzz have a moment that either fades or is...