Nylo – Indigo Summer [EP]

indigo summer

After her impressive debut EP Memories Speak blew up and got her praise from Mac Miller (as well as a sample on his album and Nas and also a record deal at EPIC Records, Chicago artist Nylo is back with her second EP Indigo Summer. You can only stream the EP for now, but tomorrow you’ll be able to download the seven song EP. The EP features her EPIC Records labelmate Gilbere Forte as the only feature, and features production from herself, Tricky Stewart, Soundsz, 55 Billion, and Fisticuffs. Do not sleep on this, because you will regret it.

EDIT: You can now download the EP

DOWNLOAD: Nylo – Indigo Summer [EP]

01. Nobody Has To Know (Produced By: Tricky Stewart)
02. Fool Me Once (Produced By: Soundz)
03. Breakfast At Tiffany’s (Produced By: Boogie, Cash, Nylo)
04. Cocaine Hearts (Produced By: Fisticuffs, Nylo)
05. Take it Back (Produced By: 55 Billion, Nylo)
06. Blurred Lines (Produced By: Nylo)
07. Rent Free (Produced By: 55 Billion)

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