2oD – Make A Hit (Ft. Spenzo & Chance The Rapper)

We have all seen the footage of Spenzo & Chance The Rapper in the studio, but a final product has never hit the ears of the world. Today, a new track recorded in 2012 by a duo 2oD was leaked titled ‘Make A Hit’. The song actually does sound like it could be a regional hit out here in Chicago, & Spenz really spazzed on this. Listen to the track below.

This morning I received word that someone stole and posted a track I produced for 2OD (The 2 of Diamonds) featuring Chance The Rapper & Spenzo. The fans were introduced to this song through a behind the scenes video of one my sessions shot by DGAINZ in 2012. For years they have clamored for this song to be released, so when I realized that a stolen, edited version was taken from an engineer we’ve worked with in the past, I felt that its only right that the real version be shared with the masses.
Read more at http://www.fakeshoredrive.com/2015/02/2-diamonds-f-chance-rapper-spenzo-make-hit.html/#JyU1imdsS3Sdsvio.99

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