Dr. Dre ‘Compton’ First Week Sales Projections

On Friday, Dr. Dre finally released his new album and apparently his last, Compton. The first week sales projections are in and Dre is set to sell 260-275k copies first week (290-305k SPS). That’s good for #2, as Luke Bryan just dropped a new album and is going to be a surefire #1. Good luck to Dre.

EDIT: Sales projections have shot up, with Dre now set to move 290-300k copies first week, 320-330k with streams. Bryan is set to move 315-325k albums, 335-340k with streams as of now, but Dre’s album has the potential to keep moving forward as more people find out about the album. It’ll be a tight race, and we’re all here for this.

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