Travis Scott ‘Rodeo’, Scarface ‘Deeply Rooted’, & K CAMP ‘Only Way Is Up’ 1 Week Sales

Travis Scott, Scarface, & K CAMP all released new albums last week, and we have the 1st week sales numbers for the three albums.

La Flame’s debut Rodeo was projected to sell close to 100k copies 1st week, but it ended up selling 74,941 copies first week, good for a debut at #3. The album was also at #3 on the Sales Plus Streams chart, logging 90,940 units sold/streamed.

Scarface‘s latest studio album Deeply Rooted debuted at #8 by selling 23,995 [25,285 with streams (#10 SPS)] 1st week. We knew ‘Face would sell some records, but personally these numbers were more than I was expecting. Congrats!

K CAMP released his debut album Only Way Is Up had some underwhelming 1st week by debuting at #19 by selling 11,405 copies [13,500 with streams (#26 SPS)]. While he did have a hit with ‘Comfortable’ doing well on the radio, he didn’t have the all-around roll out to help him sell more units. Maybe he won’t be an albums artist, but he seems to always have hits. Always.

Just for good measures, The Weeknd‘s Beauty Behind The Madness landed at #2 on the charts this week by selling 80,227 copies in its 2nd week. It was #1 on the SPS chart with 142,392 units sold/streamed.

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