Future ‘EVOL’, Wiz Khalifa ‘Khalifa’, & Young Thug ‘I’m Up’ 1st Week Sales

This past week, Future, Wiz Khalifa, & Young Thug all released their latest projects. Neither of the projects were official studio albums – more like retail mixtapes, but the sales numbers are pretty decent.

Future debuted at #1 with EVOL, selling 108,403 copies (139,106 with streams). Keep in mind that those streaming numbers only factor in Apple Music streams.

Wiz Khalifa debuted at #6 selling 49,998 copies of Khalifa (71,323 with streams). Young Thug released Slime Season 3 I’m Up and it debuted at #16 selling 16,229 copies (23,092 with streams). All solid numbers. Congrats to everyone.