Kehlani Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

If you went on social media yesterday, you definitely heard about Kehlani. Her ex-boyfriend PARTYNEXTDOOR posted a picture in bed with her, although Kehlani had been dating Kyrie Irving for some months. After all of this, Kehlani deleted her Instagram and was getting slammed on social media all day. Late last night, Kehlani reactivated her Instagram and posted a picture from a hospital bed hinting that she had attempted suicide, and she posted another picture of PARTYNEXTDOOR sitting next to the bed saying he saved her life. The post and her Instagram were deleted again, but there are screenshots available below. We don’t know the real story now, but I think it’s safe to say it’s a lot different then we thought it was yesterday.

EDIT: Chris Brown has some questionable comments on Kehlani‘s reported suicide attempt. Breezy always seems to have something to say, and most of the time he should just keep his comments to himself, including on this topic. Read his Tweets below.

EDIT 2: Kyrie Irving dished out a handful of tweets explaining his side of the story, revealing that him & Kehlani were not dating when the pictures were posted. Interesting. Read his tweets below.

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