Skypp – Bottled Water (Video)

Skypp is an artist out of Indianapolis who has an exceptional track named ‘Bottled Water’ that we are sharing today. This is one of those submissions that you get and you are just blown away. The track really has a lyrical Southern feel to it and the delivery on here is really effortless. Match it with some soothing production and everything rounds up perfectly for this track.

Watch the music video below along with Skypp‘s explantation of the song.

“In the song, the stage is a symbol of your platform. It doesn’t matter if you’re a musician, comedian, model, hair stylist, athlete, teacher etc. The bottle of water is a symbol of your faith. That’s all we have until it gets better. It’s about rising to the occasion. No one knows what we go through and no one has to know. Make it look effortless. It’s not for everyone so if you’re going to do it you have to do it right and set that example. That’s the message that I’m trying to send with this song.”

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