Soundcloud Diggin Episode 69 (July 16, 2017)

RXMN is another Chicago based artist to keep your eyes on. He recently released a new track ‘GONE’ produced by Banks The Genius, who is quietly building up a great catalog. This track leaves a bit to be desired vocally at points but the potential here is sky-high. The writing is masterful and the production really lays a great backdrop. – malbin

More new Chicago music. Futura Bloom is a duo comprised of Aliforthego & Sly Luke who recently went through a complete rebrand into their new name. Their new single ‘Rare Candy’ is a cool cut with a sweet pop-trap sound paired with a memorable performance. – malbin

London based singer Dom Rosenfeld has a really cool crossover record on his hands with ‘Off My Mind’. The track mixes elements of 90s R&B with a modern poppy sound. The vocal performance and songwriting is on point for this cut. With an impressive collection of tracks on his Soundcloud, this is a nice addition to the catalog. – malbin

Franke is a Brooklyn based artist who has an explosive electro-pop record on his hand with ‘Home’. There’s not much else to say about this track: It’s a well done pop record with a memorable hook and modern production. Keep this in rotation for sure. – malbin