Catalina – Alvarado

catalina alvarado

Catalina is making their debut on Fashionably-Early with their new single ‘Alvarado’. Jakob Shaw & Eric Poretsky make up the duo Catalina. While we aren’t notorious for covering indie rock music, this record has an infectious sound that crosses over to the sound we cover. This record has a really special vibe to it thanks to the atmospheric production. There’s a nice warm mix of electronic synths and real instruments on the record. This really reminds me of those evening summer nights, which I’m certainly longing for thanks to the upcoming Chicago winter. The record is “about chasing time and never completely being fulfilled with where you are in life” but it’s always important to remember what you have and where you are. There’s beauty in that and this song will help set the mood for realizing that.

Stream ‘Alvarado’ below.