Kissing Strangers

Last year a crumb trail led our ears towards New York native Simone, who at the time had us pretty floored with her song “Julia”, that immediately had to go into our playlist. The song was acoustic and soulful track that’s beauty largely was held in just how raw and DIY it sounded. The song really captured the depth and amazing tone that Simone’s voice has.

Now in 2021, the New York native unveiled her first new single of the year with “Kissing Strangers”, a nice hopeless romantic number for Valentine’s Day and it’s also a booming poppy banger. She lets her charisma really take charge on each verse but its that one-of-a-kind hook that’s going to have people harkening back to this song constantly. Get hip to a new rising star today and hit the link in our bio to hear the full song!

Produced By

Danny Ross

Release Date

February 11, 2021


New York, NY

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