Izzy Spears
M*A*D (EP)

Izzy Spears isn’t a particularly new name on the scene, as they were apart of Anonymous Club’s album release back in 2021. The Atlanta artist started releasing standalone solo music last fall and has been building an intriguing dark indie sound. The 2022 release of his MONSTAR EP featured production work from Yves Tumor, and that later led to Izzy supporting Yves on tour this spring. Over the past few months, Izzy has been slowing rolling out his M*A*D EP, with standout singles “Serena” and “New Normal” being favorites over here. There’s a lot of familiarity within this sound, but Izzy’s unique flair on the vocal end really helps this project cut through the noise.

Produced By

Alexander Bazzi, Nicholas Weiss, Saint Patrick, Pablo Melendez, Zack Sekoff & Tim Randolf

Release Date

December 15, 2023



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