Rihanna ‘ANTI’ & Kevin Gates ‘ISLAH’ 1st Week Sales Projections

Rihanna‘s ANTI was released with only a few hours on last week’s tracking week, which gave it only 400+ sales despite it’s huge streaming numbers on TIDAL and her deal with Samsung which gave away one million copies away for free. For the album’s first full week on retail, Rih is set to debut at #1 with 105-115k copies sold, 145-155k with streams. Keep in mind, the album won’t be available for streaming on all major platforms until this Friday.

On the other hand, Kevin Gates is scheduled to move 85-95k, 95-105k with streams with his proper debut album ISLAH. Many people are probably surprised by these numbers, but if you have been following Gates over the years you should know that he was due for this. Check back later this week for the official numbers.