Damian Lillard Releases Debut Album ‘The Letter O’

NBA Star Damian Lillard has been rapping for a minute and today his debut album The Letter O becomes available for download and streaming.

Dame began his rap career by dropping a bunch of freestyles, later dropping original music which leads us to this point. The album features the likes of Marsha Ambrosius, Jamie Foxx, Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Adrian Marcel, Raphael Saadiq, & others. Production comes from Cardiak, Omen, Raphael Saadiq, Focus, Like, Swiff D, & others.

Give the album a stream or download below. Dame Dolla is certainly one of the best – if not the best – athlete rapper ever. You won’t want to skip over this.

DOWNLOAD: Dame DOLLA – The Letter O

Damian Lillard – The Letter O (Tracklist)

1. Bill Walton
2. Wasatch Front
3. Growth Spurt (Ft. Dupre)
4. Misguided
5. Thank You (Ft. Marsha Ambrosius, Brookfield Duece, & Danny from Sobrante)
6. Plans (Ft. Jamie Foxx)
7. Legacy (Ft. Juvenile & Danny from Sobrante)
8. Loyal To The Soil (Ft. Lil Wayne)
9. Roll Call (Ft. Brookfield Duece)
10. Pillow Talk (Ft. Manny Lotus)
11. Baggage (Ft. Adrian Marcel)
12. Hero (Ft. Raphael Saadiq) [Bonus]

Damian Lillard on His Music

“When I listen to music, I listen for the substance, I listen to the bars, I listen to the beat, and I try to paint a picture with everything that I hear in music,” said Lillard, who routinely researches the meaning of words that he hears for the first time as a way to increase his vocabulary. “Whether it’s R&B, rap, jazz, country, whatever it is, I try to paint a picture. That’s what I try to do when I write because I know I’ve got a story to tell and I know that there are a lot of people who have probably some of the same experiences, people who might have failed and done bad coming from what I’ve come from and some who know what I’m saying, who feel exactly what I’m saying.”

Damian Lillard Album

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