Soundcloud Diggin Episode 42 (October 23, 2016)

We got something special here with ‘Cried Wolf.’ Producers Namaste & Tinker teamed up to craft this joint with English singer/songwriter Ray. Featuring blissful production that gives listeners the perfect middle-ground between electronic and indie pop – the track’s real star in the vocalist Ray. Good lord this lady went off. Bless her soul for this contribution to the world. – malbin

TRISHES does not have much material available but her new single ‘Animals’ is out of this world. Featuring looped vocals layered throughout the track, bouncy production, & a beautiful voice – TRISHES should stay on your radar for the foreseeable future. Everything about this is unique and with more development, this sound could be massive. – malbin

Rachel Foxx‘s ‘Make You Say’ comes straight out of London and we have a fantastic R&B cut to add to our fall playlists. The track features bouncy, eclectic production with some very sensual songwriting. Rachel’s voice is very mature and really gives off a vibe similar to Sade & Aaliyah . This song will make you want to play this every day. Facts. – malbin

Talk about one of a kind. Piqi Miqi has a deeply emotional and personal song on his hands with ‘Don’t Fall In Love With Me.’ Sounding something that would be straight out of Prince‘s vault – the track features a pulsating bass-line, retro sounding drums, & a theatrical vocal performance. While the track is great on it’s own, be sure to watch the music video for the full effect. – malbin

This track is definitely not something we’ve posted anything like on Fashionably-Early. Deepshower appears to be based out of South Korea and he has a super super wavy track on his hands with ‘Wavy.’ Featuring Rick Bridges, the track at times is a bit hard to understand during the verses for myself but the hook and production alone are worth keeping this on repeat. I have had this on repeat since I discovered this and I have a feeling you will to. – malbin

Sanghera is an artist I do not know anything about but I do know that he has a catchy next track on his hands with ‘Fuck With Me.’ The song features Ethereal, Lil Yachty, & LC Levi. The track features lazy flows from all parties & bouncy production – right up the alley of everybody who enjoys Lil Yachty, Awful Records, & the whole ‘mumble rap’ scene. And for the record, I hate the term mumble rap. – malbin