Monday, November 29, 2021

Dom Kennedy Announces HALF-A-MIL Album & ‘Los Angeles Is Not For Sale Vol. 2

Dom Kennedy just blessed us with his latest album Los Angeles Is Not For Sale Vol. 1 two days before Christmas but the gifts are going to keep coming in 2017. A Billboard interview with Dom was released today and in the thought-provoking piece, Dom reveals that we will be getting Los Angeles Is Not For Sale Vol. 2 in ‘the springtime.’ As opposed to Vol. 1, Vol. 2 is set to have a much more classic Dom vibe to it which should excite the hell out of fans.

Dom also confirmed that a full-length album with Hit-Boy as HALF-A-MIL will come out in 2017. After a very quiet 2016, 2017 is looking like a packed year for Dom fans. Get your plates out.

Fans typically associate your music with the warmer months given your past release dates but you put out your second album Get Home Safely in October of 2013 and Los Angeles Is Not for Sale, Vol. 1 dropped two days before Christmas in 2016.

When I first started releasing music, it just felt right to me. I knew that music spread better [during the warmer months] — you do more shows and people share music more. That’s just how the timing lined up for me. Los Angeles Is Not for Sale, Vol. 2 is definitely coming out in the springtime, so people can look forward to that, and Vol. 1 is a new realm for me.

Vol. 2 will probably have more of the feel that you were talking about. Around that time, kids’ll be getting out of school. You’ll want that little two-step, graduation-time music that you can ride around to. Get Home Safely wasn’t really attached to a season, but I guess you could call trying to put something out for the summertime the Will Smith approach. When your music comes out in June or July, you’re trying to do a blockbuster, Independence Day-style. [Laughs.]


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