Statik Selektah – 8 (Album Stream)

There was a time a couple years ago when Statik Selektah put out his album Lucky 7 and in multiple he said it was going to be his last album. In an interview with Rob Markman, Statik said, “I’m calling this my last album, as far chasing around 35 rappers everytime and putting out solo projects.”

It’s late 2017 now and Statik Selektah is putting out a new album called 8 which features approximately 38 rappers. Despite how adamant he was that he wouldn’t do another album of the sort, he’s done it again! HMMPH!

I think I could have called that though, it’s kind of like when you say your never drinking again after a really bad hangover but you’re back it slugging down shots of Jameson a week later. Of all of Statik’s album’s though, this one feels the most unique in terms of features. There’s a lot of interesting collaborations on here and a lot of names from both the underground rap world and the mainstream world.

The entire album is out now and you can stream it all below.

DOWNLOAD: Statik Selektah – 8

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