Benjamin Earl Turner – Bad Nature (Album Stream)

Benjamin Earl Turner is steadily turning into one of my favorite new artists with every repeated listen. On his recently released album, Bad Nature, Turner rides cresting waves brought to life by executive producer daedaePIVOT – sliding through flows with a natural grace that only works to pull listeners even more deeply into these chilled, yet completely focused reflections of his life. Speaking on his growth as both a person and an artist, standout cuts like “DUI”, “URGENCY”, and “FREE.99” capture the impressive balance between his ability as a truly technical rapper and the raw honesty of someone only speaking what they really know.

Embedded in the Chicago music scene, this Bay Area native first made national attention with his appearance on Noname‘s 2018 album, Room 25, before going on to drop an EP at the top of 2019 and following it up with a handful of singles and an appearance on Pivot Gang‘s, You Can’t Sit With Us.

Blending the best of flows born on the three coasts, Turner has moments that inspire comparison to the flows of greats such as Pivot Gang’s own Saba or California legend Kendrick Lamar, or the vocal inflections of Atlanta’s Young Thug – but at the end of the day I don’t think he can be said to really sound like anyone else.

And no one can be said to sound quite like him.

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