raise it up!

grouptherapy. is an insanely intriguing new collective, with quite the interesting story and especially if you’re on the younger side, there’s a good chance you recognize at least one of these four. The group’s comprised of Jadagrace, KOI, TJW and RHEA, a group of kids that naturally just found themselves in the same bigger group of friends of young kids in this Hollywood circle. But these four especially gelled, created their creative collective grouptherapy., that has been evolving into something more refined and special.

Each member of the group has their own unique story and they were essentially all child stars, TJW has been on multiple Disney channel shows, done voice acting and other various acting work, KOI starred in Bella and the Bulldogs on Nickelodeon amongst other things, Jadagrace along with being a dancer was signed to a couple different labels as a solo artist in the early 2010’s and RHEA was formerly a member of the boyband Mindless Behavior.

They’ve all already experienced fame to different degrees and that relatability is what helped to form such a tight bond with grouptherapy. and they just released this new single “raise it up!”, a song that primarily sees Jadagrace taking center stage, that’s interjected with some poignant “raise it up!” chants that make this such a fun song. Not to mention, the song’s produced by Dee Lilly a Chicago native who comes in as the wise older lad, who is producing the bulk of the music for them and is essentially, the quiet fifth member of the group. Dee has produced for Mick Jenkins, Big Sean, Jamila Woods, Rejjie Snow and more but grouptherapy is now the main focus. Go ahead and peep “raise it up!” below.

Produced By

Dee Lilly

Release Date

July 9, 2020


Los Angeles, CA

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