badmonsham – Jumpin’ in the Rain (Music Video)

Shouts to the guys over at Chiefers for really putting badmonsham in front of my face, and for great reason. If you’re a BabyJake fan, you may have caught wind of badmonsham already, as the two are close friends and collaborators, Jake even co-produced this one, but sham’s rollout is only just getting under way. The Western Florida native’s got a special one in my eyes with “Jumpin’ in the Rain”. badmonsham packs this real dense tone that cuts through so purely. His voice has an enamoring, distinct tone to it, and it works perfectly with a track drenched in feels like “Jumpin’ in the Rain”. The song’s slow, but there’s exciting turns and flow changes aplenty as this beautifully smooth tracks carries on. Peep it along with the music video up above.

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