Sky McCreery – half a heart

Every week, damn near every day there’s a new kid that’s growing an audience on Tik Tok in an attempt to really get a music career going. Sky McCreery‘s done that too, but he’s not new to this, and he’s already been able to transfer that fanbase into fans of him and his music in general. And ever since first emerging, Sky has taken his music to the next level, where it really stands up taller than most of his contemporaries.

He’s getting ready to make a big splash, with his debut project dropping next week on September 1st, “half a heart” is the final single, a song Sky poured all his heart into. He’s found that sweet spot when it comes to writing and creating songs, this one is the perfect example of a song that knows who it is; it’s not flashy but it is indeed heartfelt and honest and that emotion and passion is easier for the listener to catch on to, relate to and then endlessly keep this in the rotation. Go ahead and give it a listen below.

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