Bay Area native Kezia is an artist that absolutely deserves to succeed and has all the talent in the world to. And we’ve been keen on that ever since catching wind of her dreamy sound in 2019. And then last single “megan fox” undoubtedly had a lot of people floored who hadn’t heard of Kezia prior and picked up her first real taste of editorial playlist support.

Still, Kezia’s catalog is small and there’s mountains to move but luckily amazing music makes those mountains part open. Following up a darker sounding song with “Megan fox”, we’re now a few days away from it officially being spring and with that, “Sunshine” punches through will some vibrations that are best enjoyed in warm weather. Her voice is so buoyantly luscious and the pristine mixing puts her voice is such a beautiful reverb-aided pocket that comes off to the listener gorgeously on this new cut.

Watch the music video for “Sunshine” above or stream the song below.

Produced By

Thomas Jordan

Release Date

March 17, 2021


Bay Area, CA

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