Lea Heart

There’s no need in explaining the power of Tik Tok for new artists anymore, it’s well documented and just about the only way artists are exploding these days. And one of the latest talents really using it to her advantage is Irish pop singer Lea Heart. Through a bevy of different singing videos, she’s grown a following that has transferred over to other platforms, leading to massive accomplishments like her latest song “IDK Why” placing on the Top 50 charts on Spotify Ireland.

And this is only the beginning from a real intriguing voice with a sweet, bubble gummy pop sound. As you can hear from the snippet of “IDK Why”, this one’s got a bop to it and truly, it’s a bit refreshing hearing a song whose production isn’t centered around the guitar, as it’s been so abundant recently. I’m very excited to hear where the music can go from here, because the talent is obvious. For now get addicted to “IDK Why” and hit the link in our bio for the full song!

Produced By

Jimmy Rainsford & Ryan Hennessy

Release Date

March 19, 2021


Kildare, Ireland

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