We Hate It Here

Catapolt’s debut single “We Hate it Here” is already better than most artists entire catalog. So what makes this song so good? Honestly everything, but let’s start with the production.The guitar and drums are perfectly built around the lead singer’s vocals. The bass line is simple but effectively carries the feeling of the song.

I constantly find myself rocking my head & tapping my foot as i’m listening to this track.The lead singer, Anson Kelley, has some serious songwriting skills. The lyrics are cohesive, storytelling, and have perfectly captured the feeling of pursuing someone. at the same time, they’re subjective and up for interpretation, which makes it really easy to relate to. The vocal melodies he used give this song tons of replay value. it feels passionate and sounds on-key.

Catapolt has caught my attention & I’m confident they’ll hold it. If you haven’t already, listen to their song, i’m sure you’ll find yourself tapping your foot too.

Produced By


Release Date

June 11, 2021


San Diego, CA

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