buckshot boy

It’s no secret that rock is making a comeback, especially new twists of it in the vein of emo and pop punk of the 00’s. One such name you absolutely need to know is Onlyfriend, a 19-year-old kid out of the UK who’s already making some tremendous music. With production from yungspoiler, who’s proving to be one of the new pioneers of this whole wave, Onlyfriend shines brighter than the diamonds Rihanna was talking about on “buckshot boy”.

He originally released it on Soundcloud only, but this week “buckshot boy” has made it to all platforms, and now it needs to shoot into some of these editorials too. The anonymous up and comer has something so palatable and special, including a picturesque, high-octane voice and he’s already phenomenally adept at making it sound amazing. The layers of vocals and attention to detail on the mixing end really make sure this song has no other option than to shine. Plug your headphones to truly be transported and immersed in the Onlyfriend world.

So so so excited to hear and learn more from an instant new favorite of ours. Join us and get hip!

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Release Date

October 5, 2021



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