Atlanta and it’s surroundings are never short of talent or diversity and if you’re looking far and wide you’ll never miss.

Popping up in the submission feed this week comes one of those gems, Atlanta native SMV, with an expertly executed new introduction track “Cocky”. The production is beautiful in it’s implementing of highs and lows, a thick bass line carrying things and glimmering bells highlighting it all and adding its glow, amongst other beautiful elements. With vocal and production help from Flwr Chyld, “Cocky” is as a beautiful R&B leaning collaboration that’s packed with depth.

And SMV packs a gorgeously textured voice, matching the bouncy rhythm of the production as it floats from start to finish, with those outside vocal contributions filling up the holes. It’s a great taste of an artist that could potentially have a ton to offer, and someone I feel will really grab a lot of attention, especially as we get more, but let’s start here!

Produced By

SMV & Flwr Chyld

Release Date

December 3, 2021


Atlanta, GA

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