R4C3 f. Grayicu

As we’ve seen time and time again over the past few years, the barrier to entry is essentially completely gone in the music industry. Kids are learning how to make music and gain an audience on their own at ridiculously young ages, with 13 year old cl4pers being a very recent example.

Another young new name that has been steadily gaining some footing is gaptoothv4mp. The 15 year old artist out of Michigan dropped their first song on Soundcloud in August of this year and has rapidly released over 20 songs since. Like many kids, gaptoothv4mp has found an audience on TikTok for their hyperpop influenced sound, racking up six figure numbers on Soundcloud alone. Their top song by far, which is also their only DSP release, is ‘R4C3’ with Grayicu. The song mixes digicore and hyperpop elements over a rage influenced instrumental and an absolutely infectious, booming hook is the real star of this one. With the mixture of a ton of rising sonic sub-cultures and some social footprint, gaptoothv4mp seems to be on a bright path for only having released music for four months. Keep yourself tapped in.

Stream ‘R4C3’ below.

Produced By


Release Date

November 28, 2021


Ann Arbor, Michigan

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