Bliss Samsa
Cold Shoulder

In an ever-growing cesspool of music releases, over 50,000 songs being released on streaming services on a daily basis, I can strongly say that you don’t hear songs like “Cold Shoulder” from Bliss Samsa everyday. Or every week or even every month for that matter. Born in India but spending much of his formative years living in the US, Bliss has a unique palette of experiences as well as a unique palette as an artist. This is only his second official release under this moniker but it’s pretty clear from taking a listen that Bliss is far from a rookie.

The nearly 5-minute song is expansive, but it keys in on a beautiful falsetto melody for the breathtaking hook that’s almost sure to make you a fan. Bliss takes creative liberties that simply sound like a breath of fresh air, while penning lyrics centered a forlorn, lost love, there’s so many musical tidbits to be enamored by. Just do yourself the favor of hitting play before even more breathtaking music on the horizon gets to us.

Produced By

Bliss Samsa

Release Date

November 1, 2022



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