Yesterday Toronto artist ThxSoMch shared his highly anticipated song “SPIT IN MY FACE!” and it’s already way over 1 million plays, ON SPOTIFY ALONE. His previous TikTok teases of the post-punk track which samples “Money” by The Drums received millions of views and after listening through a few times, it definitely passes the ear test. But the real story here is how the Canadian ended up with a gaudy 25,000 pre-saves in two weeks on a song when he had two monthly listeners a mere six weeks ago.

In an extremely saturated market for teasing unreleased music on TikTok, the Bandlab method has surfaced as a new way for artists to collect pre-saves and DSP followers (and eventually fans). If you’re not familiar, some artists have started posting BandLab screen recordings of their unreleased music. Usually, the artists then tell their audience that someone else is making the song in the caption, and proceed to make fun of the fictional creator (really themselves). “Lil bro” is a commonly used alias. SSJ Twiin & thekid.ACE were early adopters of this technique.

Less than two months ago, ThxSoMch had two Spotify monthly listeners. I first saw his single “ONLY NEED MY BABY! (SMOAGT)” come across my TikTok back in mid-September. (Yeah I was early. Give me a cookie or something idk man.) The video I saw (attached here) caught my eye right away; I mean. it’s pretty funny to imagine a seventh grader singing “only need my baby slut me out and give me throat” (shoutout to Cl4pers).

For ThxSoMch, this probably feels like ages ago. “SPIT IN MY FACE!” is the sixth song he’s put out in the past two months. A consistent TikTok stream of Bandlab videos with self-deprecating captions has struck a chord with thousands. In the weeks since “ONLY NEED MY BABY!” dropped, he’s added thousands of Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers, not to mention over 40 THOUSAND Spotify followers.

So many artists want to crack the TikTok game because of the ridiculous conversion rate across platforms. But when it happens this fast, artists have to think on their feet. The singles and Bandlab teases we’ve gotten so far from ThxSoMch show an artist still very much experimenting with different sounds. So what happens when an artist is inundated with fans while they’re still trying to figure themselves out?

With an army of loyal fans already in his corner (the real number that stands out is over 500 people joining his Discord server in one day) not to mention at least five fire snippets still yet to drop, ThxSoMch is poised to dominate 2023.

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November 1, 2022


Toronto, Canada

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