what u get

Full disclosure, my mom put me onto DOVVYDOTCOM. Turns out DOVVY, born Dov Sikowitz, is a longtime family friend of the Moskows. I last saw this kid when I was around 15, he couldn’t have been more than 12. Little did I know that years later, he would grow up to make indie-pop bangers, doing shows across the country and sporting a fresh fade.

I tuned into Dov’s recent self-titled EP at my mom’s request and was impressed. The lead single “LINEZ” is super catchy and feels like it has enormous potential to resonate with a young audience. This new single “what u get” kicks off with some knocking drums that call to mind “Good Life” by OneRepublic, leading into an addicting guitar line pacing the first verse. On the hook, the guitar becomes more distorted and hyper-poppy, as he sings: “that’s what you get when you make a fool out of me.”

For the “what u get” music video, Dov takes us to a white-collar office and got his homies to dress up in business attire. The video opens with a skit, where an insufferable boss character snatches a burrito from Dov… because he apparently can’t eat two minutes past his lunch break? Messed up if you ask me.

Anyway, Holly and I are proud of you, Dov, even though you probably don’t remember who I am. Make sure to stream “what u get” and keep up with this rising star at

Produced By

DOVVYDOTCOM & Clyde Crooks

Release Date

June 1, 2022


Los Angeles, California

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