Galaxy Francis
The Shining f. Jay Wood

An embodiment of the hustling spirit of the Midwest, Lamont Anderson, aka Galaxy Francis, proves that some really can do it all. Over the years, Anderson has cemented himself as a cog in Chicago’s creative scene as a rapper, singer, producer, background vocalist, engineer, and even comedian. But today is about Galaxy Francis the recording artist. His latest single “The Shining” marks this arrival with confidence.

While the title and cover art are obviously references to the popular Stanley Kubrick film, the bouncy beat (produced by Galaxy himself) and Galaxy’s self-affirming hook provide a warm contrast to the horror movie he references. On the verses, Galaxy and featured artist Jay Wood trade punchlines with clear chemistry. Galaxy amuses with lines like “I be really in the cut like incisions” while Jay maturely raps “I put the tab on the LLC.”

In rather old-school fashion, it was word-of-mouth that made this single so highly anticipated. Last week, “The Shining” premiered on Chicago’s urban alternative radio station and he added fuel to the fire with his debut live performance. Look for Galaxy to blast off and reach new heights with his art this year.

Produced By

Galaxy Francis

Release Date

February 15, 2023


Chicago, IL

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