Alexander Benjamin
Pretty White Dress

London right now is absolutely teeming with artists experimenting on their own sound. With dynamic artists like Jim Legxacy, dexter, Dre Six, and Nippa all making waves locally and across the pond, Alexander Benjamin is another impressive one from the bunch.

Releasing a 3-pack of songs last summer, Alexander whetted the taste buds of the few fans and friends in the know first. While very much still a newcomer, he’s starting to catch a lot more ears with this new song, his fourth ever to be released “Pretty White Dress” and it’s impressive to say the least. Produced by UK-based R&B producer Paul Runzo, this song is a literal bouncing springboard held together with a ripping slap bass and a hard hitting kick-snare combo. Alexander’s flow is fun and playful, and the whole track feels like a freestyle gone perfect. This is such a refreshing project, and he’s got a soulful voice and a distinctly dope sound that could really catch on big this year.

Produced By

Paul Runzo

Release Date

February 24, 2023


London, UK

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