Diego Gonzalez
You & I

If you haven’t noticed by now, 2022 has been the year of BandLab. With artists like d4vd, Exotix, ThxSoMch, and SSJ Twiin debuting with millions of streams every week, record label executives are scrambling to find the next high school kid to go viral recording on their Apple headphones. Insert Diego Gonzalez.

Over the past month, Diego has racked up over a million likes on TikTok, 10 million TikTok views, and 500k plays on Soundcloud – all while fans beg him to release his songs on Spotify and Apple Music. While a lot of artists on BandLab feel like a temporary fad, Diego’s voice and melodic capabilities immediately stand out as someone who could break out of that mold. Whether you’re new to the wave or not, Diego is definitely someone to keep tabs on as the eyes on him continue to grow.

Produced By

Roko Tensei & Pieper Beats

Release Date

November 29, 2022


Seattle, Washington

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