Bb trickz

Spanish female rapper Bb trickz is about two seconds away from taking over the internet with her new song “Missionsuicida”. Garnering comparisons to Ice Spice, Rosalia, and Latto — there’s no question she’s at least doing something right. Riding on 40 million views from Twitter for the debut music video, it’s become apparent there’s a lot of strong mixed feelings on a preppy Spanish girl flowing on a drill beat who looks like she came straight out of a Gossip Girl season. 

However at the same time, it’s completely eye-catching, and we haven’t really seen anything like this before. In the end, whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny she looks like a complete star — plus it’d be a top-10 internet moment to see her hop on a track with Ice Spice as well.

Produced By

big brick

Release Date

April 14, 2023


Barcelona, Spain

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