Adanna Duru

Funny enough, this is the second song I’ve written about this year called ‘POP!’. This Afrobeat—RnB fusion track brought to you by Adanna Duru has a bit of a different vibe from the voracious energy of Omni !, but is definitely worthy of your attention.

I came across Adanna Duru on TikTok before I even knew she was an artist—her “types of singers” series has had me in stitches. Digging further into her story, Duru appeared on The Voice and American Idol before embarking on a solo career.  ‘POP!’ is the follow-up to her debut single ‘Boogie’ which hit stores in October.

The drumbeat and staccato rhythms of ‘POP!’ instantly reminded me of Amaarae’s smash hit ‘SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY.’ But ‘POP!’ has more of a sensual RnB vibe to it. The bass line adds volume to the track and the music video is full of sharp, warm-colored shots. The hook is what really drew me in; when Duru sings “he like it when I pop pop, pop pop pop,” the assorted ‘pops’ feel like pieces of popcorn emerging from their kernel shells.

Make sure to tune in to see what’s next for Adanna Duru! I know I will be.

Produced By

Blue Rondo

Release Date

November 11, 2022


Walnut, California

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