Out of everything I’ve written on this year, Vayda without a question may be the most intriguing of the bunch. On the surface level her music might feel like a tad meme-y, but breaking an artist in today’s world has to involve the entire picture – and Vayda might just have that. Her energy is eccentric and offbeat, and when watching her content, there’s no way you can take your eyes off the screen.

While the aesthetic feels like some of the bubblegum Y2K that came out last year, Vayda does it in her own way – equal part throwback and current. The song itself is pretty catchy, and while there’s definitely a lot there to work with musically, I can see why there may be some angry twitter fingers. Either way, I’m placing huge bets on Vayda so catch up or stay late.

Produced By

wAv & enlil

Release Date

March 13, 2023


Atlanta, GA

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