Scarlet House

I would say the ratio of bad to good songs on TikTok is definitely at an all-time high leaning towards the bad right now, but finding artists like this makes all of the digging worth it. And as a kid who grew up obsessing over 90’s era post-grunge, this one hits close to home.

Alternative-Rock artist Scarlet House is quickly making waves on TikTok for his intoxicating performance videos. With a sleek look and a nostalgic sound, it’s no wonder why he garners lofty comparisons to bands like Deftones and Soundgarden. His smooth vocal delivery glides perfectly over a bed of fuzzed-up guitars, and everything about the display feels effortlessly cool.

His song “Ghosts” is releasing next month, so definitely get in here early before this thing breaks.

Produced By

Scarlet House

Release Date

February 10, 2023


Charlotte, North Carolina

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