Summer is no longer right around the corner, it’s arrived, and so has Nashville-based artist BIZZY with her debut single “Anybody.” With her in-the-car Tik Tok’s garnering pre-release hype for this catchy indie-pop anthem featuring live drums and a Dijon-type intro, its success has translated to the streaming world seamlessly. After just two weeks on Spotify, the song has amassed over 600,000 streams completely independently. We’d be lying if we said we were surprised.

The Rainbow Kitten Surprise influence can be seen in the production with a sound that makes listeners feel like they are with BIZZY as she’s recording. It’s a unique and perfect combination of intimacy and a big room anthem. Aside from the production, the song is overall very well written and compliments BIZZY’s Nashville, yet pop vocals that could have been muddled out by overproduction, rather they feel organic and perfectly rough around the edges. We’re excited to hear BIZZY’s next song, as well as see this one performed live.

When asked about the success of the song translating from TikTok to Spotify, BIZZY expressed more excitement rather than nerves, and the excitement was well worth it.

“Seeing “Anybody” perform so well the first week on Spotify was literally unreal, honestly still not sure i’ve processed it, it feels like a fever dream and like it’s not actually my song. I just am so honored by the fact that people chose to not only listen to it once but keep listening to it, and adding it to their playlists and sharing it with friends, its like the most amazing thing to witness and be a part of.”

BIZZY is aiming to release her debut EP at the end of August and will be playing at Sofar Sounds in Nashville on June 24th.

Produced By

Brandon Meagher

Release Date

May 13, 2022



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