Luisa Wilson
Love for Her

Luisa Wilson reimagines the beloved “honeymoon avenue” era of Ariana Grande in her own powerful terms. A tale of unrequited love and gentle jealousy, Luisa lays it all out for us in “Love for Her”.

Gaining some pre-release traction on Tik Tok, this new release “Love for Her” has already become her biggest streaming song by far after only 5 days since it dropped. Her voice is quite literally butter. Gliding through incredible runs, and glistening, whether high or low. Her harmonies have this pulse that exude ethereal-ness. It’s hard to find a voice near Luisa’s- it’s reminiscent of Yebba, Grande, and even the earlier days of Omar Apollo.

Not only painfully relatable, but “Love for Her” also brings out your sympathetic side. You feel with her, but also for her, something only few can do simultaneously. Luisa is a gem, with not only her sparkling vocals, incredible production, but her writing. We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in 2023

Produced By

Ryan Lau

Release Date

August 11, 2023


North Carolina

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