A typical story with us, we’ve been hip to iHATEYOUTRAVY since the very beginning, when he dropped his first ever single “CRAZY” back in 2021. And from the very beginning, he’s been handling literally every aspect of his art himself. Getting better at each fabric and fold of it with each progressive single. Now on single #9 since getting started 2 years ago, he’s got our favorite song yet with “JADED”.

Really leaning on the contrast between his gruff toned voice and his lofty beautiful falsetto, TRAVY finds that perfect sweet spot with this tune. For fans of artists like Brakence and Aries but make it a little more sad and emo, iHATEYOUTRAVY will fit into your musical taste palette like a glove. Clocking in at less than 2-minutes, “JADED”, it’s not an overly complicated song, but it’s the type of earworm I wouldn’t mind keeping on repeat for an extra 5 listens. The kid’s always been good but help do the world the favor of not sleeping on him

Produced By

iHATEYOUTRAVY & Michael Warren

Release Date

October, 19, 2023


Redding, CA

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